3 ways to tell if your bathroom needs to be waterproofed

A good looking, healthy bathroom is a ‘must-have’ to any residence in Melbourne. However, when it comes to bathroom renovations, a considerable number of people take things too lightly; they just consider an upgrade in the outer appearance probably with some paint, tile or paper on the existing surface. It is completely true that such ‘renovation’ work is cost effective; but when it comes to bathroom renovation, there are various other things to consider in addition to the amount you spend. Addressing the surface of the bathroom is not going to work effectively to treat the dampness within. This is when you should consider waterproofing your bathroom utilising professional ways.

Waterproofing in bathrooms in melbourne homes

Here are 3 ways to tell if the bathroom needs to be waterproofed. 

  • Your bathroom is in upstairs 

When bathrooms are in upstairs, you should consider thorough waterproofing measures. In general, with the influence of the gravity, water will try to seep towards the ground floor through the flooring of the upstairs. Ordinary flooring or tiling will not be sufficient enough to prevent water from seeping. This is when you should consider a thorough waterproofing measures and prevent potential damages. If not addressed for some time, walls of the downstairs and the ceilings would be affected with the dampness. In the worst case, the wiring system of the house might be affected by the drops of water and no need to tell how dangerous it is. Therefore, if you have a bathroom upstairs, it is compulsory for you to make it waterproof.

  • You start to see dampness and mould in the house 

If you start to see walls adjoining to bathroom(s) are affected by dampness and (or) mould, you surely need to make your bathroom waterproofed. What you see from the outside is damp patches and even mould on the long run. However, the inner issues can be severe than the outer appearance; dampness can cause a serious threat to the strength of the walls and the structure of your house in Melbourne. Even the inner wiring and light fixtures might be affected as a result of this. This is one strong reason for you to make your bathroom a waterproof one.

  • You need to increase the value of your house 

If you wish to sell your house or rent it, you should probably take all the steps to maximise its value. By making your bathroom perfectly waterproofed, you can simply maximise the value of your house by a good margin. In fact, those who wish to rent or purchase a property thoroughly look for the condition of the bathroom, so it is a wise decision to make it a waterproofed one. Also, it helps you to avoid damp patches and mould on the ceilings and keep your property in a clean and healthy manner (without degrading the value of the property).