A few important considerations you have to look at when hiring a balcony professional waterproofer

Are you looking for a professional in Melbourne to get your balcony waterproofed? Well, you might come across thousands of service providers and may find it difficult to distinguish the best vendor from the rest. However, by determining a couple of facts, you can select the best service provider and get the best value for the money you spend on them. Here are few important things you should consider when hiring a professional waterproofer in Melbourne.


  • Do they have a license? 

Don’t trust a service provider who cannot show you their license. You should remember that waterproofing you balcony is a serious task and you should allow only a licensed professional to handle it. So, be sure to check if the vendor you are focusing on has obtained necessary license to attend waterproofing work in Melbourne.

  • Do they have employees or hire subcontractors?

There are some waterproofing companies to hire subcontractors instead of recruiting own employees. This is, indeed, a risky approach. You shouldn’t necessarily opt for a company that outsources their work to a third-party. On the other hand, if the respective company recruits own employees, the company holds the fullest responsibility and they are covered with an insurance policy as well. So, be sure to opt for a company that has own employees to work.

  • How much of industry experience have they? 

Although there can be totally new waterproofing companies that may do a great job, you may have to play the odds when hiring them. Instead, you can opt for a well-experienced company and minimise the risk. You can directly ask the vendor or have a look at their official website to get an idea about the amount of experience they possess.

  • Can they show you references?

A reputed and well-experienced balcony waterproofing company will be more than happy to show you the customer testimonials they have gained over the past period. These reviews are considered to be one of the best ways to determine their quality of service. Read the comments carefully and assess their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Do they offer a warranty?

You should accept the fact that nothing lasts forever. However, the waterproofing work you carried out shouldn’t be worn off within a couple of weeks. You should get the confirmation from your vendor about the type of the warranty they offer you.

  • Are they dealing with you professionally?

You should observe the way they deal with you. If they offer quotations and warranties verbally only, you should probably look for another vendor that has professional paperwork. Never accept quotations over the phone or verbally; your vendor should deal with you in a very professional manner.

Once you have found a couple of vendors to match your requirements, be sure to call quotations and compare them.