Builders & Developers

Whether it be a new home or multi-unit developments project waterproofing should be high on your agenda. Cheap pricing will always result in shortcuts which is why engaging in a professional waterproofer is the only way to meet your waterproofing requirements.

Luckily for builders/developers across Melbourne, Proform 1 are the waterproof professionals that you need. Committed, dedicated, certified, passionate with over 10 years experience, the team here at Proform 1 knows what it takes to provide outstanding and long-lasting waterproofing service.

Many builders/developers make the fatal mistake of not hiring professional certified waterproofers; instead handing the task to a contractor who claims to be a waterproofer thus resulting in a project that is not waterproofed to Australian standards.

It is well known that waterproofing constitutes for 1.8% of a project’s construction costs but accounts for 83% of building defect complaints.

That is why Proform 1 has worked hard in providing top quality waterproofing services throughout Melbourne. Our aim has always been to ensure that builders and developers are provided with a secure and professional service. We believe that all projects deserve the proper and professional waterproofing needed to avoid costly repairs.

We at Proform 1 Waterproofing know the standards as we have set our own benchmark in delivering a professional waterproofing service with builders and developers, so contact us today!