Dangers of DIY Bathroom Waterproofing

In this day and age, many homeowners go for the DIY solution for all their problems. There are some projects that you shouldn’t consider going for the DIY-solution. One of these projects is bathroom waterproofing. You expose your bathroom to a host of issues if you try to do it yourself, instead of hiring a professional for the job. Proform 1 Waterproofing would like to highlight the dangers that come with DIY bathroom waterproofing.

  • You can end up causing more problems than you want.
    Many homeowners end up causing more problems when they commence their bathroom waterproofing projects because of a lack of experience. They either fail to complete it or end up doing it wrong. In the end this leads to more problems.
  • You are risking the safety of your bathroom.
    Failing to waterproof your bathroom professionally means that your family is not secure in your bathroom. Water can seep into the walls and ceilings of the bathroom, causing it to weaken, and forcing the structure to slowly fall apart from within. Over time, this can cause serious problems and you are potentially exposing your family to it.
  • You end up paying more money.
    Whether you have completed the bathroom waterproofing or not, you have the possibility of paying more money to fix the repairs. You either have done the job wrong and this will lead you to pay for the repairs to make sure it professionally finished. Or you have not completed it at all, and the professional will have to restart your work from scratch. And for all this to be done, you will end spending more money than you want. Hiring a professional from the start would actually save you money.
  • Poor choice of membranes.
    Unfortunately too many people purchase poor quality membranes for the job, believing it is an one-time thing. Poor quality membranes will leave your bathroom exposed to leaks and damages. You need top quality membranes for the job, so your bathroom can last for years. You need the high quality membranes provided by us.
  • Failing with proper applications.
    Some people only apply one layer of coating, but you will need multiple layers to fully waterproof your bathroom. You will also need the application to be deep and thorough, so that the bathroom is safely waterproofed. You might not realise it at the time, but down the line, you will find that leaks are started to pop up thanks to a lack of proper application.

Don’t risk your bathroom by waterproofing it yourself. Get in touch with Proform 1 Waterproofing for your safe and secure bathroom waterproofing needs.

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