The Differences Between Interior and Exterior Waterproofing

There might be some confusion when it comes to waterproofing that is conducted inside the house and waterproofing that is conducted outside the house. While it might seem the same, there are differences in both. Proform 1 Waterproofing is happy to explain those differences to you.

Indoor Waterproofing.

When it comes to interior waterproofing, we are referring to jobs and projects that are obviously conducted inside the home or building. This includes basement, laundry and bathroom waterproofing. The idea behind this process is to secure this “wet areas” from the potential dangers of leaks that can happen when rooms and areas are too close to plumbing systems. This will increase the security of these areas and guarantee that you are safe and secure in your own house. When it comes to getting indoor waterproofing, you should always look to professionals that can handle the job.

Exterior Waterproofing.

This is considered the first form of defence when it comes to defending your house against the likes of water entering your home. When it comes to rain, floods and downpours, there is always a potential that water can enter your home. This can increase the threat of the internal structure of your home and weaken it severely. This is where the importance of external waterproofing jobs, such as the likes of roofs, basements and balconies come to the fore. By securing these areas with professional waterproofing services conducted by Proform 1 Waterproofing, you are protecting your home from the outside threat of water.

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