Our Advanced Waterproofing Methods

Proform 1 Waterproofing is all about delivering top quality waterproofing services. For us to be able to constantly and consistently achieve the high standards that we have set, we have established our advanced and modern waterproofing techniques and our committed to providing top quality membranes for all our services. Continue reading to understand our dedication to improving our waterproofing services.

Advanced Waterproofing Techniques.

We only use the most advanced waterproofing techniques when it comes to the application of all our services. We consistently and constantly educated ourselves and stay up to the date with latest advances in techniques and technologies. This benefits us in two ways: we can constantly maintain and seek to improve our high waterproofing standards; and we can guarantee that we can deliver the highest quality results are delivered for all our services. When it comes to delivering top quality waterproofing services, Proform 1 is the team of experts for you.

Top Quality Membranes.

Part of our process is the usage of top quality membranes for all our projects. This means a high level of customer satisfaction and us adhering to high Australian standards. Proform 1 has always strived to achieve top quality services for our clients and by applying quality membranes we are able to achieve high results for all our Melbourne clients.

Applied To All Services.

When you combine our advanced waterproofing methods and our high quality membranes, we are able to provide the premium results for all waterproofing services and projects. This high level of waterproofing works with all services, including bathroom, ensuite, laundry, roof, balcony, basement and all other wet areas waterproofing. Regardless if you are a homeowner, a builder, a renovator or a developer, we can apply these high level of services for your project.

To experience the professional, dedicated and committed waterproofing services, reach out to Proform 1 Waterproofing today on 0404 145 614 or email us at ian@proform1.net.au.