The Key Reasons For Getting Basement Waterproofing

Many people do not understand the importance of basement waterproofing. They see it as expenditure that is not needed. But this should not be the case at all. Having your basement waterproofed by professional and certified experts is essential for the safety and stability of your home. Proform 1 Waterproofing would like to highlight the key reasons on calling us for basement waterproofing.

  • Protects your foundation.
    The foundation for any home is of vital importance for its structure and stability. Water leaks in your basement can cause damage to your foundation. A buildup of moisture, heavy water pressure and the potential of leaks can result in the foundation weakening. This will have a rippling effect where the structure of the house will be in threat of getting damaged.
  • Protects your investment.
    When you purchase your home, you want to make sure that it is strong and can last for years. By waterproofing your basement, you are protecting your home and your investment for the long term. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your most prized asset? There is also the bonus point of it actually increasing the value of your property in future because basement waterproofing is important for many future homeowners.
  • Reduce energy bills.
    Your energy bills will continue to skyrocket up, but you won’t feel any warmer or cooler when your systems are on. That is because of the holes within your basement. By sealing up the cracks, breaks and holes in your basement, you are protecting the airflow from your air conditioner or your heater insulation system escaping your home.
  • Protect your health.
    When leaks in your basement, there is a rise in mould and mildew. With that, there is naturally a rise in bacteria and germs. If you let this go on, you are risking you and your family to getting exposed to a wide range of health risks. Protect you and your family by securing your basement with waterproofing.
  • Saves you money.
    Imagine if your basement floods or the internal structure of your home gets severely damaged. Now imagine, how much the repairs and restorations will cost to get everything back to liveable and safe standards? It will blow your budget out of the water! Waterproofing your basement guarantees that you will save money in the long run.

Do not waste time leaving your basement exposed to the damages of water and leaks. Get it waterproofed today by the experts at Proform 1 Waterproofing. With top quality membranes, you can expect a top quality and perfect job.

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