Renovators & Owner Builders

For the past 10 years, renovators/owner builders have depended on the professional team atProform 1 for all their waterproofing requirements. Why? Because they understand that there are some things in the house that ought to be left to the professionals.

We understand that many renovators/owner builders want to conduct their own waterproofing projects, but worryingly not having the skill and knowledge could cause further damage in the future. And when it comes to waterproofing your home, you want to do it right. And also insurance companies will no longer cover the costs if the water damage has been caused by incorrect waterproofing techniques.

That is why renovators/owner builders have always come to us. They understand the importance of having a professional waterproofing service completed on their homes.

Our commitment to learning the latest techniques and building materials ensures the correct waterproofing solution is selected for your home, and our professionalism is what makes us Melbourne’s premier waterproofing company.

To get your next project professionally waterproofed contact us today as we are here to ensure all your waterproofing requirements are met with passion and dedication.