With over 10 years experience, we here at Proform 1 Waterproofing have the techniques, technologies and skills to waterproof any section of a property. Not every room or section of a house is the same, which is why it has to be treated and approached differently. Each of our services is targeted at waterproofing those areas and rooms for their exact requirements. Our wide range of services highlights our abilities that wherever you need waterproofing in your home, we can do it for you.

Our waterproofing services include:

    All showers, toilets, bathtubs and bathroom of all sizes.
    Can be waterproofed to ensure long-lasting outdoor life.
    All below-ground rooms can be serviced and completed.
  • ROOF
    To reduce the impact of leaks, cracks and internal damage in your home.
    To maintain the solid structure and long-life of all plants and flowers.
    To maintain the solidarity of ponds by securing its structure.
    Waterproofing all other wet-related areas, including kitchens, laundries and so forth.

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