What to do when your roof is not waterproofed

If your house is located in a region where precipitation is a common instance, you should probably make your roof waterproofed and prevent potential leaks. In fact, water can become a significant threat when it seeps through the roof and causes damages to your interior and the structure of the house. If you live in a house in which the roof is not waterproofed, and you get notable rainfall, there are certain things you should do before things get worse.

Before we look for what to do when your roof is not waterproofed, let’s see the important parts of the roof that directly make contact with water (rain). 

Technically, all the roofing material manufacturers in Melbourne have realised the requirement of moisture resistance; as a result of that, they manufacture products like shingles to run off the roof easily. However, these shingles may not be perfectly waterproof and you might have to ‘make’ them waterproof without letting water to seep through the roof. In the same way, flashing is manufactured with aluminium or steel (galvanised) in order to maximise the water resistance. The purpose of using flashing is to prevent water penetration. With the help of these flashing water will be directed towards the drainage over the metal fittings.

Although it is a good approach to opt for ‘water resistant’ shingles and flashing on the roof, that doesn’t completely make your roof ‘waterproof’. Therefore, as soon as you notify that there are no waterproof characteristics associated with your roof, you should decide to install a lower waterproof membrane.

To get this membrane installed, you should rely on a professional service only as such service can make you roof completely waterproof and assure a trouble free years to come. Depending on the type of the roof and many other reasons, a professional vendor may offer you the solutions. Before everything else, these professionals in Melbourne will inspect your roof and determine the best solution. Generally, roofs with slight slope have a tendency to seep water; such roofs don’t let water to run quickly off the roof.

Waterproofing your roof is not a DIY task


Practically, to make your roof a waterproof one, you should seek the assistance of the professional waterproofing company in Melbourne. Such task demands a high level of professionalism, skills, experience and a variety of equipment.

Unless you are a professional waterproofing expert with substantial knowledge, you will end up with an imperfect job if you do it by yourself. Remember, climbing onto the roof without utilising the correct equipment and safety precautions may cause you injuries. Also, if you don’t use correct materials, the end result may not be effective as you expect. A professional waterproofing company offers a warranty for their work as they are confident with the techniques and materials they use. Make sure that you do some research and opt for a company with good track record.